South Sudan

In the border town of Renk, South Sudan, a three-room health clinic supports the medical needs of a large city, the surrounding areas, and the never-ending stream of people passing through this border town. With low food supplies and high rates of malaria, medical care comes in the form of medicine, a midwife and a physician. There is never enough medicine.

Last year marked the 10th annual benefit concert hosted by St. Barnabas for South Sudan, with musicians from our parish joining other musician friends of St. Barnabas for an evening of vocal and instrumental song.  Nearly $12,000 was raised from gifts given at this event, with 100% of the proceeds being used to purchase medicine and provide healthcare at the Renk Health Clinic.

 Some from our church have visited the Diocese of Renk in South Sudan and know the faces of suffering as friends.  As of April 2015, we are pleased to learn that Pastor James Aliet and his family are alive.  Bishop Joseph also reports that things in Renk have improved greatly and people are returning in large numbers.  He again thanks us and all who have prayed for him  and for all the people of South Sudan.  As a community, we stand with them in the face of war's evils.